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The Mental Game Coach Crew

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We are having the time of our lives serving athletes and coaches in a heart-centered way. We are an inclusive, yet elite group of curious mental performance professionals with a focus on oneness and excellence. We are currently only offering one plan - an introductory rate and if you join now you will be grandfathered in at this price forever!

Why Join the MPCA?

The first 50 members will be knighted as MPCA Founding Members! There is still time. 

Are you a mental performance professional? Are you a former athlete or mental performance or Sport Psychology student who now has a career or who will soon have a career in mental performance coaching?

This is your invitation to join other mental performance coaches who are doing the work, having fun and creating a powerful space for mental game coaching to lead sports on a larger scale. 


The MPCA is a collection of dynamic, competitive and motivated professionals and motivated mental performance students. We are game changers that play huge in the world of sports. Let's grow the profession of mental game coaching for athletes! We can elevate the game. We are here to be present for the beautiful journeys of our athletes.


Our themes are oneness and expansion.


The MPCA is founded by former college & pro athletes and current mental performance professionals who are leading the field of mental performance in an effort to bring together all mental performance professionals in a heart-centered way. 

Our purpose is to raise the vibration of mental game coaching provided to athletes, which we believe will up-level sports everywhere. 


As a mental game coach, you are often required to be a mega superstar - riding solo. Up until now.


The MPCA is a neighborhood for mental game coaches - it's your hood. We offer an avenue to excellence and community for mental performance professionals across the world. You are either crushing it in coaching up the mental game - or want to be. 

Together we can create and expand the work.


For some former athletes, the educational path to becoming a mental performance coach was playing the game! We get it! That is important. Here, we honor that pathway too. This is a safe space for you and us to learn more, grow and even fall on our faces and then pick each other up. Just like competing. We are all competitive here. There is no shame in that. To change the world of sports we must be.


When you join us at the MPCA, you will help shape the field and movement - and most importantly - the expansion of the mental performance field and contribute globally to the world of mental game coaching. 


We are a membership group so the networking in this space is insane! When you join, please be cool and don't try selling your stuff to people. Let relationships form organically - focus on the build, not the transaction.


We are offering learning and training opportunities so you can learn from leaders in the mental game coaching world. We are here to support YOU as you support your athletes to win in the game of life and on the field, court, at the alley, on the beam, or in the pool. In here, we all win! One Love. One Game. One Win.